Congress Addresses Superhighway & North American Union Conspiracy With House Concurrent Resolution 487

Conspiracies or not, Congressional House members are addressing the issue to insure the the sovereignty of the United States is not threatened by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the potential North American Union, duplicating the European Union.

On September 28th, 2006, Congressmen GOODE, PAUL, TANCREDO, and JONES (of North Carolina) have the intestinal fortitude to address a subject that was dubbed a late night conspiracy to shake off it's critics, but now has come to light as a reality.

Certain members of our government have determined that without Congressional authority, they can take land from Americans to build a super highway from Mexico to Canada, in an effort to further erode the employment of American workers by foreign laborers.

Thousands of Mexican truck drivers would be running freight up from the ports of Mexico into America and Canada with this super highway, bypassing the American ports, and the services that support the ports.

With thousands of layoffs hitting the working American, It is a great relief that some members of congress are not asleep at the wheel. Read the Legislation


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