YRC hardwires background checks into the employee lifecycle...

YRC Worldwide, formerly known as Yellow Roadway Corporation, has successfully implemented Taleo Verify™. Powered by Verified Person, the industry's most advanced source for employee screening and offered by Taleo Corporation (NASDAQ: TLEO), the leading provider of talent management solutions, Taleo Verify can be used for pre-employment searches of public and private information as well as ongoing scans for new criminal infractions that raise red flags.

"We plan to conduct nearly 20,000 background checks this year alone," said Mike Hofer, HR Project Manager, YRC Worldwide. "With this level of volume, we need a solution with scope and speed from a provider who passes the cost-savings generated by efficiencies to customers."

Taleo Verify is completely integrated with Taleo Enterprise, enabling YRC to hardwire background checks into the employee lifecycle. Taleo taps Verified Person's comprehensive database and expansive court runner network to deliver turnaround times that are 40 percent faster than the industry average, drive down costs and increase accuracy, specifically reducing frustrating false positives and negatives that breed negligence lawsuits.

"Interesting times call for innovative solutions," said Tal Moise, CEO of Verified Person. "With Taleo Verify, YRC executives can rest assured they are using the latest employee screening tools available in the marketplace today to mitigate risk." Source: http://www.taleo.com/


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